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Proficiency is a desired attribute for any service organization and our more than competent service staff prides itself on being able to resolve customer issues the first time out. Understanding that when a break-down occurs, your business suffers, we strive for the fastest response time available--1 to 4 hours. Our factory trained technicians, many of whom are cross-trained from different manufacturers, provide you the luxury of being able to work on more than one specific brand or type of equipment. Research shows that nearly 70% of all printers being used is HP; however, did you know that many copier vendors don't repair printers leaving you with no choice but to hire a separate vendor to look after your printers? With HP certified technicians, we can offer the flexibility of being able to properly maintain your printers as well.

The same technology we preach to our customers also helps us provide better service to you. One such example of this is using Remote Monitoring software to better manage your fleet of equipment. Never have to worry about placing a rush order because someone forgot to re-order supplies. "How", you ask? We take care of this for you by real-time status monitoring of all your network devices. Using this technology, we have often reported to the customer site to work on their equipment before they were even aware of the problem!

For larger clients with nationwide offices, we can manage the vendor relationship by way of our Preferred Service Provider network. This process eliminates an extra hassle and limits the reporting and communication down to a single vendor giving you more control.